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Aston Hall Hospital 

Compensation for survivors of abuse at Aston Hall

A compensation scheme for survivors of historical abuse at Aston Hall Hospital has now been agreed.

Our firm currently represents over 70 people who were child patients at Aston Hall in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, who allege that they were subjected to a barbaric treatment called narco-analysis, which involved being given a so-called ‘truth drug’.

A police report in July 2018 recognised that the survivors’ allegations were genuine and that the hospital’s head physician, Dr Kenneth Milner, would have been questioned over the allegations had he still been alive today.

The compensation scheme will see survivors who underwent one or more sessions of narco-analysis treatment receiving settlements of at least £8,000.

Our solicitor Sarah Sykes, who is representing the survivors, said:

“We have fought hard to obtain justice for our clients, and we are extremely pleased that our clients will now receive compensation for the horrendous treatment which they were subjected to whilst they were vulnerable children. Whilst no amount of money can make up for what happened to them, we hope this result will assist in allowing some closure for our clients so they can put this experience behind them.”

How can Bond Turner help?

If you are a survivor who has not yet come forward, and would like to discuss making a claim, please contact Sarah Sykes on 0151 236 3737.