In 2016, motorcyclists accounted for 18% of road user fatalities and 19,297 were injured; 5,553 of them seriously.1


Why instruct Bond Turner when making a personal injury claim for a motorcycle accident?
At Bond Turner, our solicitors believe that accidents involving motorbikes should not simply be managed as a general road traffic accident.  Specialist knowledge is required to understand and apply the specific laws relating to motorbike collisions.

For many of our clients, motorcycling is their passion and hobby, for others, their livelihood may depend on their bike.  Our team know motorcyclists prefer to work with personal injury lawyers who have extensive experience in dealing with motorbike claims and we understand motorcyclists take road safety seriously.  At Bond Turner, we can provide this in-depth knowledge and have dealt with all levels of motorbike claims ranging from catastrophic injuries sustained in accidents where liability is in dispute, to fatalities and claims brought on behalf of the surviving family members.

We also deal with soft tissue injuries, complex liability claims, and pillion passenger claims.

In addition, because we are a multi-discipline firm, we can support clients in other liability disputes relating to their accident, including allegations of speeding, or another driving offence.

Our expertise in these types of claims helps us advise our clients on whether they have a valid claim for damages, notwithstanding any alleged complaints made about the manner of their riding.

How much compensation can I receive for a motorcycle injury?
The amount of compensation awarded to claimants depends on several factors, including the severity of the injury sustained, whether there was contributory negligence on their part, and other factors such as the amount of lost earning, and the cost of ongoing rehabilitation and care.

To ensure all factors are taken into account, we provide an in-house accountancy service to correctly help establish the amount you should claim for.

English is my second language, are your solicitors multi-lingual?
We believe language barriers should never prevent access to justice.  Therefore, we have a team of interpreters who can assist you with the legal process, ensuring you fully understand every aspect of your case.  Interpreters can accompany you to medical appointments, conferences, and court if required.

Can a personal injury solicitor assist me with accessing rehabilitation?
Organising a bespoke rehabilitation programme is key to your recovery.  Under the Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocol and the Rehabilitation Code 2015, a personal injury solicitor and the Respondent’s representative (usually an insurance company) have a duty to put the rehabilitation needs of the victim at the forefront of the claim.  Our team, which includes 18 Grade A personal injury lawyers, are fully committed to the Code and will put pressure on insurers to organise rehabilitation for you.

What will happen to my motorbike following an accident?
We know much value our clients often place on their vehicle, both financially and emotionally.  Many of our team are keen motorbike enthusiasts themselves and will do everything they can to seek the justice you deserve.

Your solicitor can arrange to have an engineer inspect your motorbike and declare whether it is roadworthy and, if not, having the vehicle valued and obtain payment from the other party’s insurer.

To make an appointment with one of our SRA regulated solicitors about a motorcycle accident claim, please call 0151 236 3737 or email