If you have been injured at work or in a public place, it is natural to be apprehensive about making a claim for compensation. No one wants to be seen as ‘making a fuss’ or worse, risking their job by bringing a claim after receiving a personal injury.


What most people do not realise is employers, business owners, and local bodies have specific insurance to cover these types of claims.  In fact, you cannot take on an employee without it.  Therefore, the claim will be between yourself and the negligent party’s insurers.

At Bond Turner, we have a specialist team of 18 Grade A personal injury solicitors who work alongside translators, accountants, barristers and medical experts to ensure our clients’ compensation claims have the best chance of success and they receive the rehabilitation and support they need.

What are some examples of public liability injuries?
Public liability injuries can include:

  • being burnt or scalded in a café or restaurant
  • slipping, tripping, or falling on a public pavement or in a shop
  • being injured by shattered glass in a public place
  • inhaling dangerous fumes or encountering harmful chemicals
  • whiplash injuries from faulty fairground rides or lifts

Can I be fired for bringing a personal injury claim against my employer?
If you are dismissed for bringing a personal injury claim against your employer, you are likely to have grounds to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal.  Bond Turner is a multi-disciplinary practice and we also have great connections, therefore if you are dismissed or treated unfairly due to bringing a claim, we can put you in touch with the right person to advise you on bringing a separate claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Can a personal injury solicitor assist me with accessing rehabilitation?
Organising a bespoke rehabilitation programme is key to your recovery.  Under the Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocol and the Rehabilitation Code 2015, a personal injury solicitor and the Respondent’s representative (usually an insurance company), have a duty to put the rehabilitation needs of the victim at the forefront of the claim.  Our solicitors are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the rehabilitation they need to return to work and will put pressure on insurers to organise rehabilitation for you.

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